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Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can help to ease fibromyalgia pain and may even be able to reverse the condition, according to a new study out of Israel.


The study, conducted by researchers from Tel-Aviv University, involved a clinical trial of 60 women with fibromyalgia diagnoses.


Each week for two months the women received five 90-minute sessions in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, where they breathed in pure oxygen at twice the atmospheric pressure we typically experience. This allows the lungs to take in much more oxygen.


Forty-eight of the women completed the full two months, receiving 40 treatments in total, and 70 percent had “significant changes in brain activity and symptoms.”


Many were able to reduce the amount of medication they were on, and some went off medications altogether.


“The intake of the drugs eased the pain but did not reverse the condition. But hyperbaric oxygen treatments did reverse the condition,” said researcher Dr. Shai Efrati in a statement.


Dr. Efrati went on to say that the oxygen therapy was “designed to address the actual cause of fibromyalgia — the brain pathology responsible for the syndrome.”


In the United States the FDA has approved use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy to treat decompression sickness — associated with scuba diving — as well as 13 other conditions, including some serious infections and wounds that won’t heal.


For people with conditions not on that list, like fibromyalgia, the expensive treatments are unlikely to be covered by insurance.


Complications of the therapy are rare, but include temporary nearsightedness, middle ear injuries, lung collapse and seizures.


Research into hyperbaric oxygen therapy as a treatment for fibromyalgia and other conditions affecting the brain is ongoing.

If you are considering trying hyperbaric oxygen therapy, be sure to discuss it with your doctor.


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Another recent study published by Below for your read.


How To Engage Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

To undergo HBOT, you first need to discuss with your doctor and get a prescription. With an authorized prescription, you can then arrange for a session in public hospitals which have a HBOT laboratory. A session will cost between $100 to $150.

What to Expect from Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
Before you start your HBOT sessions, you will be given a set of rules, primarily for your safety in the oxygen chamber. Since the chamber contains pure oxygen, the rules are set to restrict flammable substances and prevent fire. For instance, you are not to put on any moisturizer or any perfume or talcum powder and only 100% cotton clothing are allowed in the oxygen chamber.

During the HBOT session, you will also be asked to lie on a cot and then wheeled into the oxygen chamber. These chambers are meant only for one person and are made of clear plastic. While you are in this chamber, you will be permitted to read, listen to music or sleep. The chambers are installed with built-in microphones so that you can speak to the operator of this chamber, when needed.

This specialized therapy lasts about 60-90 minutes.


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